Deafness Prevention

In India more than 70 lacs people have hearing and speech disorder problem. Of which 50% could have been saved intime by the treatment available at present. Hearing aids also help the hearing impaired with advantage.

As a part of checkup of 5 lakhs school going children per year the PNR mobile team visits schools of rural areas of Bhavnagar district and examine each and every student. Those identified are brought for further examination at ultramodern Audiology Setup raised in the K. L. Institute for the Deaf manned by qualified and experienced Audiologist. Hearing aids are given to those who do not need surgical intervention whereas for accessible surgeries like Tympanoplasty and Mystodectomy are taken to PNR Special Hospital. Cochlear implant surgery is also undertaken.

A total number 24,31,076 school children were screened during 2002 to 2014.

Total children identified with defects : 73,322

Free Surgeries : 1031