Early Intervention

The brain functioning is at great speed during early years of life in newborn babies. In children of high risks are screened during first 3 years of age one can detect symptoms of cerebral palsy, autism, multiple disabilities or mental retardation and other neurological disabilities.
Children with such conditions are without primary treatment in rural and semi urban areas. So PNR Society runs project of early intervention in Bhavnagar district for day care services of treatment like Physio – Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Special Education, Stimulation, Activities of  Daily living, Parental Training and Counseling etc. Referral services for neurological investigation and Orthotic management are also provided.
A team of professional assess these children of age group 0-7 years. And provide then necessary treatment and training on daily basis at our Day Care Center with financial support from John Eskenzi family U.K.. This activity has been in force since last 3 years with the good offices of IMPACT Foundation, UK and will be continued.