Nataraj Special School for Children

Cerebral Palsy (C.P.) Center and Nataraj Special School for Children with Cerebral Palsy:
(First - granted School in the State)
Cerebral Palsy is a persistent disorder of movement and posture appearing in life and due to developmental non-progressive dysfunction of brain.  It is not a disease, nor is it hereditary.   Although the abnormality of movement and posture cannot be completely corrected, they may improve as the child’s nervous system grows and matures. 
Cerebral Palsy is a condition by which development milestones are delayed and may be coupled with other disability such as vision and speech disorder. 
The Society has a C.P. Center with modern facilities for treatment, training and rehabilitation with hostel facility.  These are available free. 
It is gratifying to mention that C. P. Primary School is the only granted school in the state.  Recognition of best infrastructure for this special class of disability has come from no other than Mano Vikas Kendra, Kolkatta in the form of Rs. 1 lakh Award.
The Center renders training courses for Caregivers.  Two year Diploma Course in C.P. and one year Diploma in Basic Development Therapy.