Smt. Jyotiben Dalal Disable Women Empowerment Project

Smt. Jyotiben Dalal Disable Women Empowerment Project is a bold attempt by the PNR Society to conquer a new outpost in humanitarian venture aiming at to assuage understandable anxieties of disabled women and empower them to earn their livelihood by rendering skills suiting to them.
Committed to a worthy cause, the project should prove an agent of a long term change.  It has significance beyond immediate.  The Dalal Family Foundation (USA) has been generous to donate for this noble project.
Looking to the number of likely beneficiaries (10,000 + in Bhavnagar District alone), many hands will be required to make the mission imbibed in the project a success.
The PNR Society therefore earnestly appeals to join this venture by sending donations for the project. Prospective donors may click

A report on work done and work in progress can be viewed in our website menu PNR UPDATES - RESAURCE