Can Donations Help You Save Tax?

Dec 24, 2019

Just like some investments make us eligible for receiving tax exemption, so does charitable contributions. Donating to a registered NGO in India can give you tax relief under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. So, if you donate to Akshaya Patra, a mid-day meal NGO in India, you become eligible for tax exemption.
It is believed ‘what you give others, you receive it in return’. For instance, if you spread happiness, happiness will automatically find its way to you. Similarly, if you help someone in need, help will reach you at the time of need. Something similar is with regards to charity as well. Let’s take a quick look at what happens when you donate to an NGO in India.
Dual benefit of donating to a charity
Your donation not only impacts the receiver but it benefits you too. Taking Akshaya Patra as an example here, your donations will help this mid-day meal NGO in India to provide nutritious school meals to children across the country on each school day. This meal nourishes children and enables them to attend school and learn well. In turn, this nutrition and education helps them to grow up to be healthy and resourceful individuals, efficient enough to take care of their needs. Basically, your one act of kindness not only changes the present, but it also beautifully transforms the future of children.
On the other hand, offering help to children adds goodwill to your life, makes you a catalyst of hope and care, as well as makes you eligible for receiving income tax exemption.

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