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It was 1954. Inspired by patriotic fervor a few youth got together in a dusty street of Bhavnagar to serve the needy and conduct social and cultural activities. Named as Navjawan Sangh, initially, it began activities not needing finance. These activities included collection of old magazines, story and school books for distribution among those who could not afford, conducting night-coaching classes, distribution of milk made of UNICEF supplied powder, cleanliness of streets, organizing health talks and sensitizing people about blood donation, eradication of untouchability and above all exhibiting documentaries relevant to realizing set objectives. Having appreciated the absence of basic necessity of proper maternity and child care at affordable rate, this youth orgnisation also started efforts to raise a setup for the purpose. Thus came into existence V. C. Lodhawalla Maternity and Child Care Hospital in the heart of the town, the first major contribution.

At this hour of time, the disabled had no right of education with main stream. A problem of education of an hearing impaired girl turned the attention of this youth wing to the disabled world. In its brief existence the Sangh has had tough journey. To its great credit, it could bring the spirit of volunteerism in the society. However, idealism on its own is not enough for the wide field open. It needed to be backed up by institutional structures to deal with present challenges. Thus came into being The Shah K. L. Institute for the Deaf and ‘Ankur’ - School for the Mentally Retarded Children. The confidence generated enabled the youth organization to take over ailing 50 year old the K. K. School and Home for the Blind.

The United Nations proclaimed 1981 as International Year for Disabled Persons. There were lakhs of children victims of polio and for their rehabilitation some special arrangement was a must. For resolving this problem polio corrective surgery camps were started. In 1987 rehabilitation of all kinds of disabled a Society for Relief and Rehabilitation of the Disabled, was formed as a new Institution. Shri Kantilal Narandas Shah donated a huge sum for taking this movement all over the country and his mother’s name was given to the Society. Thus came into being Parsanben Narandas Ramji Shah (Talajawala) Society for Relief and Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PNR Society).


Facts About Disabled

  • As per Census 2011, there are 2.21% disabled in India. Of these 70% reside in the rural area.
  • According to WHO, 10% of population is disabled in the world. Of these, 33% are children.
  • Disability has direct relation with poverty.
  • The number of locomotor disabled is large.
  • The prevalence of locomotor disabled is high in India.
  • About 55% of the disabled in India are illiterate.
  • Only 9% completed Secondary and above level of education.
  • Out of 1000 disabled persons only 15 to 35 completed any vocational course.
  • Only 26% disabled get jobs.
  • Worse still, less than 1% enrolled in Special Schools.
  • More than 50% of disabled have preventable or treatable conditions.