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Shri Nayanbhai Dalal is a management expert and has handled many projects for Family trusts.  He strongly believes that, if PNR Society and its associated institutions walk with time, they will sustain forever.  After his first visit to PNR society, Shri Nayanbhai became active well-wisher of the PNR Society. During his regular visits from America to Mumbai, there were always dialogues and exchange of thoughts with Shri Bababhai and other trustees.  From this, Nayanbhai came up with an idea of establishing PNR-USA Foundation.  Smt. Binduben supported the idea.  Such a foundation can bring awareness in Indian community of USA about PNR Society’s activities, and it becomes convenient to USA-based donors to donate and get the tax-benefit. The vision of Nayanbhai was very clear. PNR Society welcomed the idea. PNR-USA Foundation was established in 2015 at Nayanbhai’s office in New Jersey. Since then, the stream of donations from USA donors have been flowing to the PNR Society and its associated institutions.

Impressed by the outstanding work of PNR Society, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India for the noble cause of people with disability (PwDs) in the area of early intervention, diagnosis, care, treatment, education, vocational training aiming at rehabilitation of them into mainstream and above all prevention of disabled birth, etc., Shri Nayanbhai Dalal of USA-based Dalal Family Foundation expressed his desire to highlight the accomplishments and activity of PNR Society to a larger audience in general and USA-based well-wishers and prospective donors in particular through an Institutional setup. Thus came into being the PNR-USA Foundation Inc. which will not restrict only to the function of reaching the elite citizens of U.S.A. but will channelize the donation received in USA to PNR Society without any administrative charge.


  • To raise awareness about the excellent work done by the PNR Society and its associated institutions working for the PwDs by appropriate publicizing efforts encashing goodwill of PNR Society.
  • To interact with well-wishers and prospective donors with a view to maintaining constant liaison with them for supporting the cause of PwDs.
  • The PNR-USA Foundation Inc. is registered Trust under USA Laws for tax-benefit to USA-base donors. Thus it will accept funds for general purpose as well as for projects and for associated institutions and will remit the same to PNR Society, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India.
  • The PNR-USA Foundation Inc. is independent entity and functions under the Board of Trustees consisting of USA-based well-wishers of the PNR Society.

CONTACT PERSON : Shri Nayan Dalal

Phone No. (908) – 754 – 3232
Fax No. (908) – 754 – 6760

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(Public Charitable Trust Tax Exempt – 501 (C) (3) organization)
Tax ID No. 47-2561404
Address 660, Montrose Avenue South Plain Field NJ 07080 – USA

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