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“Reaching to Unreached”

Almost 3.0 crore People with Disability (PwDs) in India (Census 2011- 2.68 crore) is the greatest challenge. It requires gigantic efforts to put them on the move – rehabilitation into the mainstream society. The Government of India’s recognition of this fact is evident by bringing laws like Right to Education, PWD Act 1995, granting concession in transport and reservation in employment, insisting barrier-free access, inclusive education, etc. besides raising ministries and / or departments, statutory organizations like Rehabilitation Council of India, National Trust and Special Institutes. Looking to such an high order of PwDs, the government alone may fall short. Society in which PwDs live has to strengthen the hands of the government.

A number of NGOs were at play for the cause before government became active. However, number of NGOs are small in numbers to take care of the large PwD audience. Secondly, only few NGOs are equipped to empower PwDs of all types. Fortunately, the PNR Society is one and it has proved its competence by rendering services to PwDs of the order of 11 lakhs every year. It is gratifying to mention that PNR has been able to raise separate institutional structures to cater to different disabilities and has become a regional upstart, thanks to the Government of India, Government of Gujarat and above all elite indigenous and abroad-based donors.

After invention of vaccine for diseases responsible for disability our major thrust has been on prevention of disability programmes.

This web-site is our modest attempt to project what we do, how we do and what for we do for the PwDs. No venture achieves success without support of society at large. It is hoped that the information presented will leave a lasting message for those who want to do something precious and here is one such platform.

My six decades of involvement in the field taught me one thing. PwDs are otherwise a stern lot and what they need is a spark to cash their inherent energy. If this could be achieved, drain of resources of their relatives on whom they depend for their livelihood could be stopped and idle manpower is activated.

I request the visitors of this website to support us in our mission.

Anant K Shah
Visionary & Founder

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