National Association For The Blind


The NAB was established in 1952 in Mumbai at the instance of Shri Rustamji Alpaiwala. This was followed by state level NAB in 1965. The Bhavnagar branch of NAB was established in 1984. Since 1989 the NAB is run by office-bearers of Shri K. K. School & Home for the Blind.

The NAB undertakes activities for the blind and people with other disability. The activities include prevention, diagnosis, treatment, education, vocational training aimed at rehabilitation in to the mainstream. Especially, distribution of vitamin A, organizing camps for treatment, cataract surgery and distribution of spectacles.

Activities of NAB in short

  • Employment & Rehabilitation
  • Eye-Treatment camps
  • Prevention of Disability Diagnosis and Remedies
  • Braille Library & HI library
  • Guidance to Disabled for employment
  • Organizing Seminars & Exhibitions
  • Inclusive Education

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