Mission, Vision & Core Values

Prevention of disability, and rehabilitation.

PNR society strives towards creating a disability free world, where every individual has equal opportunity and ability to stand for themselves.

We shall deploy our vision by initiating following actions:

To become a research and education based center that provides, assists and implements activities with a focus on disability.

  • Awareness
  • Immunization
  • Accessible Surgery & post operative care
  • Education & Training for Self reliance
  • Resource development
  • Research
Core Values

Team spirit
Scientific approach
Awareness Towards

  • Causes of disabilities
  • Expecting mothers
  • Family members of a disabled child
  • Society
  • Government and laws
  • Medical treatments
  • Empowerment
Education & Training

  • Education to Disabled child and training for their daily living
  • Mother/relative of disabled
  • Teachers in normal schools
  • Vocational training to disabled
  • Similar institutes and their methods of working
Resource Development

  • Equipment, supports for Disabled
  • Staff education & training
  • Adoption of latest technology in every field
  • Adequate tools and techniques for education, training, medical services, communication
  • Means of transportation – cars and buses.

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