• What for PNR stands?

    It is the largest NGO named after the donor (Parsanben Narandas Ramji Shah) catering and serving People with Disability (PWDs) by raising institutional setups with cutting –edge infrastructure.

  • What is Early Intervention?

    The PNR Society over the years has been organizing Awareness Camps where people are advised to be alert when a baby is born with some abnormality.

    Medical practitioners are taken into confidence to refer cases of abnormal babies to approach PNR at an early stage. When PNR with its expertise intervenes at an early stage for appropriate diagnosis and then medical and / or physical exercise. This process is known as Early Intervention. Such a process helps reduce diagnosed disability and correction by necessary surgical and / or Physiotherapy at PNR Special Hospital. It gives positive results towards setting right the disability or easing it to a level that child to join typical child as equivalent.

  • How to get more information on selected disability and its redressal from PNR Society ?

    Mail your specific querries to pnr.society@gmail.com

  • What is the prospect for Special Educator Career?

    In India, there are 2.68 Crore PwDs. The need of Special Educators can well be imagined. That no special educator is unemployed explains the bright prospect.

  • Whichsurgeries are rendered free by PNR Special Hospital ?
    • Polio Corrective Surgery
    • Plastic surgery of Cleft-lip & Cleft-palate
    • Hypospadia,
    • Squint Eye Surgery
    • Cataract surgery
    • Paediatric ophthalmic surgery
    • Paediatric ENT Surgery
  • How can one donate to PNR Society ?

    The Society is qualified for accepting donation under 35-AC and 80-G in India. The PNR – USA Foundation accepts donation for which tax-benefits are available to USA based donors.

    The U.K. based donors can approach IMPACT Foundation for tax-benefits.

    India-based donors can issue cheque in favour of PNR Society. Abroad-based donors forward donations to above Foundations with a specific advice for sending to PNR Society, and the cause.

  • What are different vocational trainings given to people with different disabilities ?
    Category Vocational Training
    Locomotor Computer Courses
    Deaf Computer Courses, Beauty Parlour, Sewing, Handicraft.
    Blind Computer Courses,Music, Coir-net work, Rewinding of electric motors.
    Cerebral Palsy Primary and Secondary education besides ADL (Activity for Daily Living), Handicraft.
    Mentally Retarded, Autism, etc. Daily cores, Handicraft
  • How to reach Bhavnagar – PNR

    Bhavnagar can be reached by road and train.

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