Please help us to HELP DISABLES

P.N. R. Society relies on the generous donations of individuals, foundations, corporations, and the local community to help disables. We are extremely grateful for your contribution, which will help us support more disables to reach their dream

More than 26 million people in India are disabled according to India’s census 2011, most of them quite needlessly. Having disabling defect affects a person’s ability to gain education or work for likelihood. One can well imagine a loss of manpower if the disability condition is not rectified or eased besides pressure on earners of the families!

If you share PNR’s vision of India in which no one becomes victim of needless disability by disease, lack on knowledge of medical and other options of empowering the disabled to live with self-respect, kindly think over Corpus Funds and Projects which await your support as the grant from the Government is very limited and the needy are more.

The PNR’s intervention puts power, not charity in hands of the disabled. No words can adequately express PNR’S immense gratitude to its partners and donors who continually place trust in its journey. The PNR encourages and invites all the curious minded and prospective donors to visit and see for themselves the programmes and projects under execution before making decision for a donation / assistance.

Our administrative expenses have been kept in the range of 5 – 6 per cent. This enables PNR to utilize 94-95 percent of the donation for the cause.

The PNR has over the years realized that the people have an innate desire to do good. We have the following projects and Corpus Funds which await support. The PNR honours the trust of our donors. The PNR has never and will never exchange donor’s personal information with any one else when donor makes a designated gift, the PNR will share with only respective beneficiary affiliated institute with PNR.


Indian bank account holder, or transacting with cards issued by Indian bank


Non-Indian bank account holder, or transacting with cards issued by non-Indian bank

Note: For Indian Donors

- Donation is 50% exempt from Tax u/s 80-G

For Donors based in USA

- PNR USA Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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Leave us a message