5 - 6 – 7 January 2019 – Big Days of Divyangs (Disabled)

Date: January 05, 2019

Spectacular Fervour and Dizzying Heights Mark the PNR’s Annual Event 2019

“There are always thorns in plenty in the path of doing social good.  ‘Divyang’ glorifies disable but denies them full huminity. New sanctuaries like PNR Society to insulate disable community are the need of the hour.  We need more NGOs to act as arms of the government in power for such a social healing.  

“Providing speedy and effective mitigation from disability assumes prime importance.  It is in this respect the PNR Society of Bhavnagar has played pivotal role.  From fringe to center-stage, the PNR Society’s journey has demonstrated that how best holistically with multi-pronged approach the unfortunate class of disable could be brought into mainstream!

“Self-motivation is most important to excellence.  Secondary and tertiary care of PNR (after primary one of diagnostic and treatment) including pre-and post-admission to its fold qualifies a reason to smile.  Thus, the PNR Society is unsparing in its efforts.  Funding by indigenous and foreign-based donors whole-heartedly to the PNR Society squarely speaks of its building an environment condusive for and supportive of the noble cause of mainstreaming the disable community.  

“It is not a rocket science to mature public participation to render justice to the noble cause of empowering disable.  It would be great for mainstream society to come forward.  It would also be pleasant surprise if it does so.  The NGOs and power that be take care from the example set by the PNR Society.”

These are excerpts of speeches of invited dignitaries and elite donors when the Annual Event’s curtains were raised on 6th January, 2019. The speakers were
Shri Pratapbai Shah (Ex-minister of Finance, Govt. of Gujarat), Dr. Nareshbhai Ved (Ex. Vice Chancellor of Bhavnagar University), Dr. Nalinbhai Pandit (Educationist) and Shri Girishbhai Shah (Chairman, Alang Area Development Authority).

Shri Paras Shah, Secretary General of PNR Society delivered the formal welcome address and Prof. D. J. Dhandhukia, Jt. Secretary proposed a vote of thanks.

The event witnessed new initiatives and projection of accomplishments as also felicitations of achievers.

Recent Initiatives – Unveiling of Plaques

- Jerry Jones Well-Baby Clinic in Nataraj Campus of PNR Society
- AT&T Technology Park Corpus Fund (PNR’s Baby)
- Pravinchandra Dalal Disability Prevention Center in Nataraj College
- New Sonography probe for 3D-4D investigation in V. C. Lodhawala Hospital
- Classes one each in Hi-tech Inclusive School and K. N. Shah Day Care Center housed in Nataraj
- Campus of PNR Society

Awards & Felicitations

The staff members of PNR Society and its forum institutions were felicitated for their invaluable services to the disable world.  Even successful disable youths trained by AT&T Technology Park were presented with awards for their becoming self-reliant inspite of disability.

Other Important Shots

Distribution of Aids and Appliances worth Rs. 6.7 lakhs from Smt. Maltiben Dalal and Shri Shyamlal Dalal Handicapped Welfare Corpus Fund to deserving,
 Rs. 7 lakh worth assistance from Reaching to Unreached Corpus Fund to disable children and presentation of awards and scholarship to trainees have been highlights of the event.

Mainstream Came Handy

During the event itself the elite donors appreciated the efforts of PNR and its forum institutions for their wonderful work.  They came forward and donated more than one crore rupees for the cause.  The management of the PNR Society expressed first order thanks to the donors and elite audience for nice words spoken and added that their appreciation will go a long way to further strengthen its resolve to serve the unfortunate class of disable.

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